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Review: Which of Three Holiday Creamers Will End Up on the Nice List?

Review:  Which of Three Holiday Creamers Will End Up on the Nice List?

As the holiday season approaches, so does the return of many people’s favorite festive flavors. One place to find these limited time delights is in coffee creamer; specifically International Delight’s Grinch-themed holiday line. Proven by the National Center for Health Statistics, coffee is one of America’s favorite beverages followed only by water. While some people drink plain black coffee, Vending Market Watch confirms that most, or 68 percent, prefer to drink with creamer or some other form of sweetener. What better way to sprinkle — or pour — a little holiday cheer into the morning than by adding one of International Delights three Grinch-themed holiday creamers? Although three options exist, let me help narrow the decision on the best International Delight holiday creamer. As a coffee-loving Christmas fanatic who has been drinking coffee everyday since I was 12 years old, I am qualified to speak on this topic and give consumers my opinion on which International Delight Grinch-themed holiday creamer to purchase. 

After searching many different stores in multiple different cities including Walmart, Festival Foods and Pick n’ Save, I was able to find all the three International Delight Grinch-themed holiday flavors; frosted sugar cookie, peppermint mocha and gingerbread cookie dough. Based on the names of the flavors and the fact that I love sugar cookies and peppermint but have never been keen on gingerbread, this is the order in which I anticipate I will like them in from best to worst so this is the order I will be trying them in. Now that I have my coffee brewed and poured it is time to try the three Grinch-themed flavors, starting with frosted sugar cookie.

The frosted sugar cookie creamer was delicious, which I was expecting based on the flavor name. Although the name may lead consumers to believe it would be an extremely sweet creamer, it has just the right amount of sugar in the sugar cookie to balance out the bitter coffee and makes for a delicious cup. Now onto the peppermint mocha flavor.

I was hoping this one would be as good as the first one because peppermint mocha seems like it would be a much easier flavor to create than a frosted sugar cookie, but I was honestly a little disappointed with the flavors. At first it tastes like plain black coffee, which if I wanted black coffee I would not have added any creamer to begin with. Upon adding copious amounts more, the subtle notes of underwhelming peppermint are finally tastable. If anything the mocha is much easier to taste than the peppermint. Overall, I was a little disappointed by the lack of peppermint and cheer I tasted in this creamer. Now onto our final creamer, gingerbread cookie dough.

Despite not being a fan of the classic gingerbread cookie, this one pleasantly surprised me. It has a warm, spiced taste mixed with the coffee;however, it is not overbearing or excessive. In a weird way, it gives off the same vibes as drinking hot chocolate after a cold winter day outside; the spiced, cinnamon flavors feel very warm inside. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. 

After trying all three of the International Delight Grinch-themed holiday creamers, my final rankings are frosted sugar cookie as my favorite, followed by gingerbread cookie dough and peppermint mocha as my least favorite. Frosted sugar cookie reminds me of when my family and I make and decorate sugar cookies every year around Christmas time, and with its delicious, sweet flavor it was an easy first choice. Gingerbread cookie dough was a close second with its spiced, cinnamony flavor being surprisingly good. Peppermint mocha was an easy, disappointing last place because of a lack of peppermint flavor in the peppermint creamer. 

Because I am interested in other peoples’ rating of these creamers, I took to the International Delight website to compare what  I thought about the creamers to what other people thought. To my surprise, it seems that the majority of reviewers on International Delight agree with my rating: frosted sugar cookie with a rating of 4.6, gingerbread cookie dough with a rating of 4.2 and peppermint mocha with a rating of 2.4. From what I read, International Delights peppermint mocha flavor has a new recipe that overall seems to leave the public disappointed. The gingerbread cookie dough flavor and frosted sugar cookie flavor seem to have similar reviews saying this creamer is “The Best Ever” (CoffeeGirl 2023) and “My new favorite Christmas creamer!!!” (RobinS, 2023).

Looking for a way to add a little festivity to this stressful time of year? Look no further than the International Delight Grinch-themed holiday creamers. With three flavors to choose from – although one is better than the others – there is for sure a holiday creamer to be enjoyed. Let International Delight make this holiday season brighter and let me help decide which Grinch-themed creamer to try!

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