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Local teen earns article in magazine

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By:  Reporter Kaylie Gilliland

Sophomore Bradley Gumtow grabs the spotlight in a national magazine for his positive actions, which benefit the local environment.

Appearing in the well-known magazine Field and Stream, sophomore Bradley Gumtow steals the hearts of many as he shares his passion of aiding and protecting abandoned wetland wildlife.

 As a teen-ager, Gumtow organizes a river side cleanup to help maintain and fix up the homes of many muskies and bass.

“It feels very rewarding to know that people are aware of what I have put my time in to and how important it is to me,” Gumtow said with pride.

Gumtow also builds and monitors nesting units to house wood ducks and their offspring.

Gumtow mentioned that he is dedicated and hopes to organize many more volunteer based events that will benefit the wildlife he knows and loves. He does not want to stand idly by and see it all fall back to where it was before he stepped up and took action toward his belief system.

Field and Stream editors work hard to pick out who gets to be show-cased in its elite magazine. Up against 100 different competitors all aiming to grab a spot in Field and Stream, Gumtow’s outstanding work gets him his own article telling about his accomplishments and how great of a job he does. Winners are chosen mainly for who went above and beyond to protect and preserve the environment around them.

With all of his effort and hard work, Gumtow definitely earned the spot he was handed.

The link to the article is featured below.


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Local teen earns article in magazine