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Survey: Library entrance change unpopular

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The relocation of the library entrance is unpopular with students according to a recent survey of students.

The new library entrance is unpopular with students according to recent survey. Survey conducted by reporters Emma Fuhrman and Jessica Kerwin.

According to Media Specialist Mrs. Polly Kelly, “The change was made so the students can have a quiet learning environment.”

Although the intention of creating a quiet environment is admirable, students have not embraced the change.

Overall, many positive changes are visible in the library.  For example, students find the murals exquisite.  The colorful furnishings and funky prints add comfort.

Unfortunately, the “resourcefulness” of the Armstrong Resource Center is missing. The change of the library’s entrance limits student access.

When walking from the link to the Armstrong building, a red carpet path fails to take students to the library.  The door is locked to the most valuable resource for students and staff.

No longer can students efficiently stop in to drop off a book or print off an important paper. The new entrance is now in the back of the library, in a remote commons.

In a poll of 262 students, only 18 of them are in favor of the new arrangement. That means 6.8%, from students surveyed like the new change. The other (244 students) 93.2% of the students asked, voiced their concerns about walking farther, not being able to print essays off as efficiently and arriving late to class.

A teacher close to the old library entrance praised its proximity. Mrs. Beth Plankey said that she enjoyed being the closest classroom to the library entrance.

Currently, students are losing valuable class time hauling to the new farther library entrance, so as not to lose more academic time.

Students and staff are not in favor of the new entrance change, the commons entrance is deemed inefficient and irritable.

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Survey: Library entrance change unpopular