Editor’s Letter

Dear Reader:

Cinema has been my passion for a long time. Many would use the term “Film Buff” to describe me, since I am constantly watching movies, and when I am not, I am looking for more. I plan on pursing film management in my future. The first movies that built this interest for me were Lars Von Trier’s “Depression” trilogy. This is a series of films, all starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, in which the main characters suffer some sort of depression or grief, thought to represent the suffering Lars himself experienced. These artistic, stunning, and incredibly long films are what pushed me to discover more films and know as much as I could about them. I have taken my passion for cinema and put it into these essays, all of which I loved writing.

The first essay is titled “The Composition of Cult Cinema.” My goal with this essay was to learn more about the world of cult cinema and maybe even find some more good films to watch. I dove into the “anatomy” of cult films, and what makes them so sensational. Cult Cinema is definitely a unique, weird, and wild form of cinema of which everyone should get a taste.

My second essay argues that mainstream cinema is, for lack of a better word, dying. The title “The Imminent Death of Cinema” is a tad dramatic, but captures the seriousness of the situation. Cinema will most likely never actually die, as I argue it will, for the problems I describe have been happening for years and will continue to happen, the world of film will change with them. The topic is a good one to ponder about.

I finish the magazine off with “Importance of Film Ratings.” It is surprisingly interesting to look back on the times when cinema was censored, and how filmmakers would work their way around the rules as much as they could. It also helped me appreciate the freedom filmmakers have today, to create and say what they wish.

Overall, this magazine is for film buffs, cinephiles, and the average movie goers alike. Enjoy the journey of film through my eyes.

Rebecca Rieckmann, Editor-in-Chief