Salutes and Slams: Week of Feb. 19

Salutes and Slams: Week of Feb. 19

Satellite Staff


  • Eco Club Trivia night produced good turnout and fun activities.
  • Announcement of save the date for Diversity Fair on Friday April 3 excite body of NHS.
  • Food drive option in conjunction with Winterfest dance ticket sale provides opportunity to exercise generosity.


  • Monday PLD causes disorientation among students and staff
  • Winterfest decorations overstay their welcome in the hallways and cafeteria.
  • Lack of dress-up day participation, controversial and inappropriate TikTok competition, and missing assembly during Winterfest week diminish school spirit.
  • A busy Thursday with blood drive, club photos, and Aspire testing along with Winterfest activities provokes widespread frustration.