Adapting Along With Advisory: Students Take the OAR Toward their Future


Photo by: Abi Wise

The goal of Advisory stays the same: “Tie learning to life-long learning,” Associate Principal William Richardson said.

Ellon Buchanan, Student of Journalism

Advisory (AACP) features a new schedule in response to three-hour classes, but the goal stays the same: “Tie learning to life-long learning,” Associate Principal William Richardson said.

Since COVID-19, Advisory is not what it used to be. In the beginning of the year, the second part of Advisory, remediation, has completely dropped off the face of the planet. Students have been trapped in a classroom for three hours, hoping to maybe leave early or Zoom with their teachers. It seems that students have lost sight of the importance of AACP in general, though some were not sure of its purpose. 

The original intent of AACP is to introduce a constant teacher and place for students to feel comfortable.

Richardson explained that AACP, “Provides students a vehicle to focus and develop meaningful skills.”

AACP stands for “Academic Advisement and Career Planning” according to the Neenah High School course description. This entails advisory, remediation, enrichment and career planning. 

The new schedule for AACP is split into two parts during the three hours. It is 30 minutes of literacy and 30 minutes of goal setting and then 120 minutes for remediation to meet with other teachers. 

Like last year, the question many seniors are asking is if there is going to be a release. Although many administrators are open to the idea; no one is confirming.

There is some skepticism for the future of AACP in the student body, but it is beneficial to reinstate the original reasoning for Advisory. The advisory part of AACP is good to help give the students, teachers and the community what they need, which is extra time set aside for students to plan their future. 

The course description for AACP from the Neenah High School course guide says: “Advisors facilitate the planning process for students to set personal, academic and career goals.” It is important to know that students are able to use this time to enrich themselves as they prepare for life after high school. 

Students are aware of the expectation to take the OAR (Ownership, Agency and Responsibility) for their future and complete lessons on Xello and set goals using Goal Tracker.  Literacy and Community Circle are also core components of an Advisory lesson plan.

AACP is still growing as a course and teachers are looking for ways to make it more beneficial for students. As teachers and students adapt and adjust during these hard times, it is comforting to know that advisers are creating a place and time for students to work on bettering themselves.