En Route to the Voyage of a Lifetime


Centuries ago famous architectural gems such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Parthenon were built. Since then people have been traveling the world to visit these beautiful monuments. Each country has a selection of top tourist destinations, all hosting distinctive landmarks and man made creations. Europe hosts an accumulation of diverse, ancient monuments and picturesque natural views. While the United States boasts many modern, extravagant buildings as well as indigenous formations. Because Europe and the USA have exceptional attractions and unique destinations, tourists strive to visit the top three destinations exclusive to Europe and the USA.

To begin, the number one travel destination in Europe is Rome. Rome hosts a plentiful array of historic sites including the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica (“Best Places to Visit”). Beginning with the Colosseum, two-thirds of the original structure has been withered away over time and the remaining amphitheater is a popular tourist destination. This ancient ruin is an iconic correlation to the long, tumultuous history Rome has faced. The essence of the preceding eras are interwoven throughout the hallowed stadium (“Colosseum”). Another popular attraction in Rome is St. Peter’s Basilica, the current shrine in the Vatican City. The edifice is the primary pilgrimage site for Christians as the city of Jerusalem is for the Jewish (“St. Peter’s Basilica”). Across the Atlantic Ocean, the number one travel destination in the USA is New York. New York boasts scenic and constructional views such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty (“The 18 Best Places”). Constructed in central Manhattan, the Empire State Building has an 86th and 102nd floor observatory, which both host a 360° view of New York City (“Empire State Building”). Located across the Hudson River presents the unmistakable view of the Statue of Liberty. This statue, a gift of harmony from France, is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and coalesce (“Statue Of Liberty National”). Both states/cities emcee a vast array of incredible attractions.

The second greatest travel destination within Europe is Paris, France. Not only does Paris possess a copious amount of modern attractions, it also hosts well-known sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame (“Best Places to Visit”). The Eiffel Tower demands to be seen, sticking 984 feet into the sky. It showcases the city of Paris, and it welcomes almost 7 million visitors a year (“The Eiffel Tower at”). What many people do not know is the Eiffel Tower is not the most popular monument in France or even in Paris. The Notre Dame is with over 13 million visitors each year. Major religious events often take place here because this famous cathedral still serving as an active Catholic church (“Sacred Destinations”). Contrary to Europe, the USA’s second greatest travel destination is Arizona, which promotes many natural spectaculars such as the Grand Canyon and the Montezuma Castle National Monument (“The 18 Best Places”). The Grand Canyons ostentatious beauty measures approximately 277 miles in length. This massive chasm is unlike anything else in the world, which is why it annually leaves roughly 4.5 million visitors agog (“Everything You Need to Know”). Another sui generis attraction Arizona bears is Montezuma Castle, which is a well-preserved ancient dwelling. It possesses 20 rooms in a 5-story structure built into a limestone cliff, 70 feet off the ground (“Montezuma Castle National Monument”). Arizona features many attractions allowing for interactive viewing of the many outdoor geographical features; in contrast, Paris showcases many astounding architectural creations.

Finally, the third most popular travel destination in Europe is London. London is most notably known for the London Eye and Big Ben (“Best Places to Visit in Europe”). A remarkable feat of creation is the London Eye. Originally, it was intended to be temporary, but millions board this ferris wheel every year, which has lead to its prolonged stay (“London Eye”). While the London eye is a popular landmark, Big Ben is easily the most notable structure in London as it has been featured in the popular film franchise, James Bond. Big Ben is the name of the massive bell inside the clock tower, but the tower, Elizabeth Tower, is often referred to by its bell’s name (“London’s Big Ben”). In the USA, the third most popular travel destination is Hawaii (specifically the island, Maui). Two scenic destinations in Maui are the Hana Highway and Wai’anapanapa (“The 18 Best Places”). The noteworthy road to Hana is 52 miles from Kahului; however, the drive can last roughly four hours since it is full of narrow one-lane bridges. The panoramic views are as spectacular as the rushing waterfalls located along this trail (“Hana, Maui”). Along the road to Hana, a 120-acre black sand beach named Pa’iloa exists in Wai’anapanapa State Park. The translation for Wai’anapanapa is, “water flashing rainbow hues”, which is a perfect depiction (“Waianapanapa State Park Maui”). Clearly, Hawaii offers many natural views while London boasts many constructive innovations.

Europe and the USA host intriguing attractions and alluring destinations. Tourists strive to visit the top three destinations exclusive to each country. Simply picking the “best travel destination” is an attempt to narrow options and enhance knowledge. Whether discussing the natural beauty of volcanoes or the architectural masterpieces of skyscrapers, each commodity holds pulchritude. Europe and the USA are comparable to a flower garden, each maintaining a beautiful array of distinct flowers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is unfair to choose one top destination when each country preserves unique bouquets. For example, Rome offers different stops than New York, just as London offers vastly different views than Arizona. Europe hosts a plethora of cities filled with rich cultural history and the USA hosts stunning constructional and natural views. Tourists visit both countries every year to witness the striking views.


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