Editor’s Letter


Dear Readers:

I chose to write my magazine on travel because I have been traveling since I was in the womb (my parents went to Texas while I was in my mother’s stomach). In my first informative essay, I discuss the top travel sights in Rome, London Paris, New York, Arizona and Hawaii. In my argumentative essay, I discuss tourist attractions that are thought to be either racist, sexist, unethical, or disrespectful. The attractions discussed were the London Dungeon, Nathan Bedford Statue, Jarawa Reserve, Padaung, Lower Ninth Ward and the Dharavi Slum. The third essay, informative part 2, I discussed the top three tips to travel: keeping an open mind, talking with natives and planning in advance.

I feel qualified to talk about this because I have traveled to 34 US states, Bahamas, Poland, London, Paris, and many cities in Mexico including Leon, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Cancun, San Miguel. I picked this topic so I could share a little bit about my passion for traveling. I plan either a road trip or flight every summer to make the most of my free time. I have traveled many places with my family, but I have also traveled by myself and with friends.

One of my favorite trips was the summer of 2014 when my father, my best friend and myself traveled from: Neenah → Chicago → Purdue → Nashville → Charlotte → Columbia → Savannah → Orlando. We road-tripped this whole trip to tour colleges, and then we met the rest of my family in Orlando where we stayed at a resort for a week. This was the best road trip I have ever taken. On the other hand, the best vacation I ever took that involved flying was when my family and I flew to London for spring break of this year. We stayed in a flat near Earls Court for five days and then we took the chunnel to Paris and stayed in a flat near Soho for four days. We then flew to Poland and stayed for a day. This was my favorite trip to date because I have always wanted to travel to London and Paris, I encourage readers to live the dream via travel.

Kaitlyn, Editor-in-Chief