Coach Models Commitment to Boys’ and Girls’ Swim Teams


Photo by: Unknown

Coach Carrie Raeth cheers on the boys at a home swim meet.

Ryan Foucault, Student of Journalism

Many years ago, a young girl who swam in Montana with hopes to reach new heights is now looking forward to winning conference as a coach for the boys’ and girls’ swim teams.

This all begins when Carrie Raeth wins three state team championships in high school. Raeth then swam for four years in college where she mainly swam the 100 fly.

Out of college, Raeth teaches physical education at NHS where she coaches both the boys’ and girls’ swim teams. 

Few coach both genders.

“I am on my 17th year coaching for each team, but they seem no different.  They treat each other as family.” 

She works her fingers to the bone and is proud of what she creates at the school.

Although she is as busy as a bee, Raeth looks toward the future and sees success.  “The girls have a month left until conference, and I hope we can pull off a win.”  

In contrast, Raeth notes the loss of 16 seniors on the boys’ team.  She views their potential — “looking to be the best in the conference.” 

She loves these teams to the moon and back; she receives the same appreciation back from both the teams. 

Raeth is well known across the state in terms of competitive swim.  She is accompanied by Assistant Coach Coones and Dive Coach Hansman who have decades of experience.

Never missing a moment to recruit:  “This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to stay active in the winter and have fun.”

She stresses that nothing compares to friendships from team sports.

From a three-time state team champion to a four-year college athlete to a coach for both swim teams, Raeth models commitment to the teams that she considers family.